Ground Barley - Antichi Sapori Estensi Caffè


SENSORY REQUIREMENTS: The use of selected barley, sourced only from the best Italian growers, plus expert roasting, produces a unique and natural aroma for a pleasant tasting drink. NATURAL EXTRACTS only are used for the flavouring which guarantees the authenticity.

STORAGE: At a room temperature of 30°C, preferably in a cool, ventilated place. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. If the package has been open for longer than one month, keep the bag in the fridge to preserve the organoleptic properties.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: For use with a stove-top coffee maker, adjust the quantity of barley, either natural or flavoured, and do not press it down in the filter. Use natural water that is free from odours and flavours which could otherwise compromise the aromatic taste of the barley.

Make sure the machines used for extraction are correctly serviced.