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Become a reseller of Antichi Sapori Estensi coffee

Help us to make everyone taste the coffee of Antichi Sapori Estensi

Are you a representative or a retailer who wants to offer its customers coffee of excellent quality? Look no further: you are already in the right place.

Our project was born in 2006, driven by passion and the awareness that “tasting coffee” is different than simply “drinking coffee”: it is a genuine experience that makes experiences new flavors and sensations and deserves to be shared with the world.

Today, with your help, we can bring everyone a good and healthy drink, the result of a production process that pays particular attention to consumer safety and environmental sustainability.

Caffè al bar

A supply chain of excellence, from collection to distribution

Flavour, taste and aroma are the distinguishing features of the coffee produced by Antichi Sapori Estensi. Our purchases of raw material (green coffee) take place from leading Italian import companies which guarantee its origin, traceability and product safety.

Our production includes:

  • Purely artisanal and manual processing methods
  • Slow and gradual roasting
  • Air cooling
  • Conservation of the roasted coffee in silos to allow the residual gases to escape

This process enhances the organoleptic properties of the individual components without generating compounds harmful to human health. In fact, it does not allow the paraffin contained in the beans to transform into oil and create a carcinogenic chemical compound, acrylamide, which can be created with excessive roasting.

Quality and freshness through products of excellence: here is our alternative to the standards of large-scale distribution.

All the forms of our coffee

Our roasting process produces different qualities and formats of coffee, from the classic ground coffees to capsules and pods compatible with the machines of the best Italian brands.

  • Ground coffees
  • Coffee beans
  • Single origin coffee
  • ESE44 pods and Espresso Point capsules
  • Nespresso and A Modo Mio compatible capsules

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We will gladly have a chat with you to explain in detail how our production process works. After a short telephone interview, we will send you samples so that you can taste them and choose which ones to offer your customers.