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Tazza di caffè


Enjoying a good cup of coffee sparks your curiosity… whose hands picked those precious beans and how were they transformed into this hot drink.

We have created these new blends with enthusiasm and a pinch of curiosity in our quest to track down the best quality coffee from all over the world.

So, we visited the places where the fruit is produced with the fragrance and flavour that contribute to successfully making an excellent coffee. We achieved the main objective we set ourselves through the use of artisan methods, i.e. the best cup of coffee that is the hallmark of our product.

The search for the best quality coffee in the places where it is grown gave us the opportunity to play a part in the founding of the “CAFFE’ LATINO” association, sponsored by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs for International Cooperation, through the IAO (Overseas Agronomic Institute). The association participated in the rural development project for cooperatives in Central America (Guatemala and Salvador), promoting improvement in the social conditions of the women who produce coffee by reducing social, economic and cultural vulnerability and thus, increasing the sustainability in the development and protection of environmental resources.

Thanks to the partnership established with the cooperatives, we have started purchasing green coffee directly, guaranteeing the quality at source at a fair price.

The care we take over the preferences of coffee drinkers has encouraged us to constantly propose new aromas and flavours to satisfy even the most demanding palates. We pass on our knowledge through direct contact with consumers, encouraging them to understand that drinking a cup of coffee is not something to be rushed, but the opportunity to take a welcome, relaxing break.


This is the philosophy behind our company.


Production, wholesale and retail sales of coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules

The artisan method and slow roasting with visual and manual inspection during production and storage in silos to allow the release of residual gases, allows the organoleptic and sensory properties of the end product to be enhanced.

Knowledge of the techniques used to grow coffee is key to choosing the different components of the blends that are created.

Our blends embody the fine qualities of coffee produced in countries all over the world, making each of our blends unique.

The company provides professional customers with the tools required to dose the coffee, together with the accessories that set our coffee roasting brand apart.

A prompt and professional support service completes the offer, guaranteeing rapid deliveries throughout Italy and Europe.

The company supplies coffee machines using capsules and pods for household and office requirements.

Semi-professional machines with double spout, hot water and steam wand are also available for special events.


From Monday to Friday

MORNING: from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm

AFTERNOON: from 3.30 pm to 6.30 pm

Saturday morning: from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm